About Us

We Engphil Trading LLC

Engphil was established by a group of technocrats and is positioned as a one-stop solution geared to providing a wide spectrum of solutions and services. We offer a complete package to satisfy your needs for turnkey solutions. We have the expertise, experience and products to meet your entire project Electrical and Mechanical requirements. The services offered by Engphil span the entire value chain, from the moment a customer makes the first enquiry to disposal and recycling of the product. Throughout the value chain, Engphil provides training, technical support and customized contracts. Our offering includes complete electrical, mechanical and control products/systems. Our Services include Consultancy, Engineering & Design, Installation, Commissioning, Training, Spares Management and after sales service and support.

Our Mission

To establish long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with each of our valued customers by consistently exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through the exemplary and dedicated performance by every member of the team.

Engphil is committed to building quality products for our customers, using industry experience and application knowledge to power technological innovation, and creating an environment of personal development for our employees.

Engphil strives to give our customers high-quality service in a friendly and professional manner. Our employees establish a relationship of cooperation with the customer and perform their duties cheerfully, faithfully and diligently.

The customer focus of Engphil can be summarized as follows:


A full-service provider offering a 24/7 service technician to help customers minimize down time and lost production. We offer systems for ease of installation and startup at the customers facility. PLC and software programming can also be done by Engphil to expedite customer machine and systems operation.


All products are shipped to our customers with a satisfaction and performance guarantee that we do not take lightly. Our goal is perfection. We understand the value of quality and on time delivery.


Engphil strives to provide its customers with cost competitive options, and doesn’t hesitate to introduce ideas for innovation and cost reduction. Working with industry has taught us that it’s the little things that make a difference which compels us to continuously review our own procedures in order to more efficiently complete an installation. Our savings are then passed along to the benefit of our customers.

Business Relationship

We seek out organizations that we can build long-term winning relationships with. We feel that it is our responsibility to effectively communicate with our customers, and rest our future continued successes on being the leader in building and maintaining healthy relationships. We believe our success comes only if our customers are successful.

As a growth oriented company, we are always seeking winning relationships with new suppliers and customers. If your organization is seeking a high-quality supplier of electrical controls and systems, we would be happy to provide you with a proposal.

The mission of Engphil is to provide excellent and trustworthy electrical & mechanical services to our customers at a fair and reasonable price.

To fulfil this mission, we take the time to listen carefully, explain the details, and do our best to work within our customer’s budget.

We offer customer-oriented and forward-looking solutions to strengthen our position in international trade and further our business with major customers and end customers.

We seek to actively work with companies who invest resources in the development of new and efficient applications for electricity, such as electric mobility and energy management and, in this way, push for their introduction to the market.

Engphil is dedicated to providing personalized electrical service with integrity and credibility.

Our Vision

Engphils’ vision is to apply a holistic approach to creating an inspiring and efficient work environment that contributes to success. This same perspective characterises our interactions with our clients.

That’s why we continuously endeavour to offer products and services with a minimum environmental impact during their entire life cycle. Our products & solutions must help our clients achieve long-term sustainability. Our view of sustainability is based on the Four System Conditions developed by The Natural Step, i.e. in a sustainable society, nature is not subject to systematically increasing:

  • Concentrations of substances extracted from the earth’s crust
  • Concentrations of substances produced by society
  • Degradation by physical means And, in that society….
  • People are not subject to conditions that systematically undermine their capacity to meet their needs.

It’s fine to present visions and long-term aims, but it’s the practical work that determines whether environmental activities are successful or not. Our product offering aims to give you an idea of what Engphil does to reduce its environmental impact in practice. The Engphil product offering gives an overview of our materials, processes, activities and work methods, and consequently of what goes into the products we offer our customers.

Our Values

Our core values are important to us. They affect all of Engphil's processes – all the way from how we conduct our business to how we interact with our customers & suppliers and colleagues. They are a direct heritage from our founders and contribute to our company’s success. The basic values that an Engphilite strives for are -

Forward-thinking spirit and creativity

We endeavour to pursue development and to always see opportunities. We aim to be creative, dare to be different and dare to do what nobody else has done. We work effectively, persevere and always strive to do better.

Independence and professionalism

We endeavour to trust our own knowledge and skills and believe in the opportunities that present themselves. We perform our work in such a way that we can be proud of our professionalism.

Honesty and humility

We endeavour to be open and honest in all communication and behave respectfully towards all people, regardless of their status or role. We comply with laws and regulations and keep our promises.

Responsibility and understanding connections

We endeavour to take responsibility, be thrifty with resources and carry out operations in such a way that our solutions are always the most energy-efficient & sustainable.