Quality Policy

ENGPHIL is committed to achieving and sustaining business excellence by integrating sound quality management principles into all its activities and at all levels of the organization.

We would be focused in our work and operate with clearly articulated and aligned objectives and strategies embracing best practises.

Customer Value

Drive actions from a desire to serve the customer and deliver superior value.


Manage work as a process with focus on result - improving efficiency, delivering enhanced value to customers.


Install Plan-Do-Check-Act checks at every stage of work to achieve both continual and breakthrough improvements in cost, cycle time, quality and safety.


Develop leaders who set high expectations, serve customers, achieve excellence and include sense of entrepreneurship and teams

Spirit in the Organization

Work together, take prudent risk, learn and continually improve performance.


Train, encourage and motivate people throughout the organization to establish and meet both short-term and long-term commitments to all key stakeholders including the society.