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The history of Danfoss dates back to September 1, 1933, when Mads Clausen founded Danfoss in his parents’ farmhouse in Nordborg, Denmark. Since then, the business has grown from a solo enterprise into one of the world’s leading suppliers of energy-efficient and innovative solutions, employing a staff of more than 22,000 and with sales in more than 100 countries.

Danfoss were the worlds first company to mass produce the frequency converter. VLT®5 was the first mass produced variable speed electronic controller. The electronic parts was embedded in oil for isolation and cooling. The name of the drive was derived from ”velocity control”. For a short period the name was ”Velotrol”, which since has been abbreviated further to VLT® – now the brand name for Danfoss Drives electronic motor controls.

Danfoss first mass produced variable speed control for AC motors in 1968.

Danfoss acquired Vacon Oy in 2014 and today the merged entity is the global number 2 in the electrical drives industry.

The combination of long years of experience & a young, agile, high-tech company specializing in high power product line having a shared vision to create the kind of AC drives that customers needed & a new kind of organization that could build and distribute them. Thus was born a team dedicated to offering a wide range of AC drives, offering both versatility and the specialization required for different applications and industries.

As the industry grows in the future, it is Danfoss ongoing desire to innovate and inspire which keeps it going. Many studies show that the most important feature in an AC drive is reliability. Price rarely ranks higher than third or fourth in priority. “Reliability cannot be sold directly. It is created through actions”

The Danfoss Vacon combination are now the world's leading specialists of AC drives in different shapes and forms.

All drives are compact and user-friendly, and compared to constant speed solutions, they can save up to 50% of your energy consumption.

ENGPHIL shares the responsibility and vision of DANFOSS being its channel partner; committed to continuously reinvigorating itself & adjusting to the ever-changing business environment whilst following fair business practices – our sole objective being to satisfy our clients, our employees & of being of service to the community at large.

We have the requisite expertise & experience required for commissioning of complex VFD applications. Engphil has been servicing & maintaining the wide installed base that VACON has in the region. Our engineers are well-versed in dealing with the complexities arising from both high power capacities as well as different product ranges. Our knowledge & experience makes us the best service provider in this sector in the region. Coupled with the highest competency level in this market this guarantees that customers can always trust and bank on us.

Danfoss VFD's